Sunday, May 13, 2012

This Weekend

This weekend, I only worked out once instead of my planned two workouts. Instead, I spent amazing quality time with my friends and family. It was totally worth it.

This weekend, I didn't stick to my diet at all, and I indulged in some delicious food. It was totally worth it.

This weekend, my friends and family commented many, many times on how much weight I have lost, and how great I am looking. I may have not followed my plan for this weekend, but the support and encouragement of my loved ones will help me get right back on track once I return home tomorrow!

It's great to take a weekend off every now and then, and just relax. It's important to take that time, and not beat myself up over it. But it is also important to have the motivation to get back on track!!

More updates soon... Tomorrow I start week 3 of C25K!


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