Thursday, July 21, 2011


I know I don't post much as it is, but I wanted to officially let you know that I'm going to be signing off from my blog for awhile. Life has taken me down a new path; one that I truly need to devote myself to fully. Things are hard right now, and my heart hurts, but I know God is with me and will guide me through.

As I find my way through this rough patch, I would really and truly appreciate you prayers. Besides my Momma, and my dear friend Lena, I am not sure who actually reads my blog anymore, but if you read this, please pray. Even if this is your first time ever on my blog! Pray for direction, wisdom, and comfort for me. And please pray, above all, that I continue to seek God during this time, and that I come out on the other side with an even stronger faith and relationship with God.

I'll be back, and hopefully, better than ever. See ya'll soon.