Friday, June 1, 2012

Making Progress and Starting Over...

Wow, it has been quite the crazy last few weeks! I have some big possible changes coming up in my life, which I will share today. But first, and update on my weight loss and work out progress!

As of yesterday, I have officially lost 50 pounds!!! I am so excited about that! I still have another 60 pounds to lose, but I am so stoked that I have made it this far and I am almost halfway to my goal! Woohoo!!

As for working out, I have been struggling with that a bit lately. My weeks have been busy, and I have just not had the time to workout like I was. Also, I have kind of hit a wall with the 5k training. I was on week 4, which is where the jogging distances start to get a bit longer. I am just not to the point yet where I can jog for 5 minutes straight, so I have found myself getting frustrated that I am not finishing my runs. UGH! Also, a number of things have come up lately that are going to keep me from running the 5k on June 16th. I just don't have the time. BUT, I am not giving up on this goal! I decided that I am going to start over on the C25K plan, from week 1. I am hoping that doing that will help me continue to build up in my running ability and endurance so that I can keep with the plan. I WILL still run a 5k, I just don't know when yet. At the very latest, I am still planning on running in the Color Me Rad 5k on September 1st!

Okay, so now that I am all caught up on that, let me explain why life has been so crazy lately. I am in a transition period of my life right now. Going through a divorce was certainly not what I expected at this time in my life, but it is what it is, and I am working to grow through this whole experience and become a better me. Right now, I am focusing on career goals and on moving. I love this small town that I live in... It is my home, and always will be. But, living in a town of 6000 people when you are dealing with some heavy stuff can be draining. It is also kind of hard to start a new life when you live in such a small place. It is time for me to move on to a new future. I started looking for jobs in other areas a few months ago. I had a few prospects, but nothing solid. Then, 2 weeks ago, a job opportunity came up out of the blue. I am flying to Spokane, Washington this Monday for an interview that could be life changing. If I get this job, I will be moving far away from everyone I know, and starting over in a new place, with a new career! I am so excited/nervous/scared/happy about this possibility!! We will see what happens, but if I get the job, I could be moving within the month.

In the mean time, I also have a wedding cake to make, a few graduation parties, a mission trip to Utah, among some other things.... oh yeah, an work, and working out and all that jazz. Anyone who knows me well knows that I love to be busy, so this is really like heaven to me! :-)

Hope you are having a good week, whatever you are up to. I'll be around soon with more updates from my world.



  1. Do you remember my friend, Aundria? She was a maid of honor at my wedding. Anyways, her and her family moved to Spokane about 6 months ago. If you move there and would like at least one familiar face I can give you her contact info. Allison

    PS Congrats on the awesome weight loss!

  2. wow - 50 pounds! you are one determined mama. great job amber!