Tuesday, June 19, 2012

June 19, 2012

I thought today would be a bittersweet day.

I thought I would be sad... sad for what once was and will never be again... sad for what I thought we had and thought we would always have... sad that a chapter of my story has come to an end. But I’m not sad anymore.

I’m in a better place today than I have ever been. I’m starting a new chapter of my life, moving on to bigger and better things for myself. I’m happy. Actually, I’m more than happy, I’m elated. I’m excited about what this next chapter in my life has in store.

Today isn't bittersweet like I thought it would be. Today is a sweet day. It is, and will always be a reminder of what once was, but now, it will also always be a reminder of what it took for me to find myself again... what I went through to get to a place where I am at peace… At peace with myself and at peace with life.

This is my "beauty from ashes" story... and it will be filled with beauty. Today, I celebrate new beginnings. Today, I embark on a new and exciting adventure. Today, I turn the pain of my past into the dreams of my future. Today I will turn something painful and ugly into something glorious and beautiful. Today is a sweet day.

A year ago, I thought it was the end, but it is only the beginning. I thought my heart would never heal, but I am now happy and healthy. I thought I lost it all, but I actually gained everything. I felt weak, but I found I am stronger than ever. I didn't know where my life was headed, and now I am embarking on a new adventure that I never could have imagined.

June 19, 2012... This is a sweet day. This is my day. I am reclaiming it for myself and creating new, happy memories that will last a lifetime. I am no longer interested in what once was... I am focused on what is, and what will be!


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  3. Amber, Today would have been 8 years, it is always sad to see a marriage end, however I believe you have made the right choice and I know it is a choice you have not taken lightly and have seeked God every step of the way. I am so happy that you are looking at this day as a celebration of new beginnings. Good for you for focusing on what is and what will be rather than the past.

  4. You are an extraordinary woman, A woman filled with courage, love and hope. That hope and optimism is what carries us through the dark times in our life. Without these dark times, we wouldn't be so thankful for the good times we have. With every bad experience we have, with every battle we fight, and the pain we have to endure, we are made stronger, more courageous, more accepting of the love we find.