Friday, June 25, 2010

Some Great Giveaways Today...

Wow, there are some amazing giveaways out there in internet land today! Check these out:

First up, Waterwaif is hosting a number of fabulous giveaways on her blog. You can check all of them out by going to her home page, and looking under the "Current Giveaways" tab on the left side. I am entering her giveaways for a SavvySilver gift certificate, a yummy cupcake soy votive candle set from Hollyberry Hill, a brass birdy necklace from MDsparks, and a bird's nest pendant from Rebecca Novotny. These people have some beautiful stuff!!

Audrey's Giveaways always has a bunch of giveaways going on. Right now, you can fins giveaways for everything from jewelry and shopping bags, to soaps and coolers. Amazing stuff! Click on the link below to check them out and enter as many as you want!


Songberries is hosting a giveaway for a lot of Softlips products and for an amazing Soda Stream machine! Yum!


Canadian Natural Mama is hosting a giveaway for the most adorable hand stamped doggy name tags!! They are made by Make Your Dog Smile, and I think they are awesome! She is also hosting a giveaway for some very sweet little girl hair clippies by 2Cuties.

Susie B. Homemaker is giving away a travel mug by Brugo Mugs. This is one high tech mug and it comes in a bunch of colors. Check it out!

I don't know about you, but I really enjoy looking for giveaways, and the thrill of occasionally winning something. I post these here on my blog for two reasons... One, because I usually get extra entries that way, and who doesn't want a better chance to win?! And two, because I truly hope that some of my bloggy friends win some of these awesome giveaways also. So, enter to your hearts content, and let me know if you win something! I actually recently won a giveaway by ComeShopPinkLemonade on Etsy. I just placed my order with my gift certificate, and I can't wait to see my prize! :-)


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