Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New Photo Challenges

I was so busy with my friends wedding this past week, that I didn't have a chance to enter a few photo challenges. That's okay though, I found some new ones.

Check out my pics, and let me know what you think!

My first entry is for In a Yellow House. The theme there this week is Water.
I took this picture at the Lower Burney Falls in beautiful Northern California. Shortly after taking this picture, I managed to get my car stuck in the snow, and was almost 2 hours late for my ceramics class. You know what? It was totally worth it.

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My second entry this week is for Simplicity. The theme there this week is Self Portrait.
I kinda like this picture of myself. :-)

My final entry is for Trendy Treehouses' Shutter Love Tuesdays. The theme there this week is a Father's Love. I have lots and lot's of pictures of my Dad. But, they either were not taken by me, or they do not fit this theme. So, I am adapting the theme a little bit here to (Grand)father's love. If it doesn't count for the challenge, that's okay, I still wanted to share this photo. This is my Dad, with his Grandson giving him a big ol' kiss. I love, love, love this picture!!!

The Trendy Treehouse

Well, that's all from me for tonight. Soon I will have pictures from the wedding I helped coordinate this last weekend. It was tons of fun, and really beautiful, so be on the lookout for that post! Until then, have a good night all.



  1. Look at you with all your photo challenges - just when I was ready to comment that I loved one, I scrolled down and love them all. Nice work.

  2. Cute self-portrait! LOVE the bow in your hair. ;)

  3. Your water shot is so intriguing, you didn't stop the movement of the water, but you didn't have a really long shutter speed either... it's so fascinating right in between. Love the processing too. I'm posting my self-portrait this evening, yours is beautiful.

  4. Great photos! The waterfall is amazing. Looking at the picture, I think I can even hear the water splashing.

  5. Amber I love your waterfall picture and I have always loved the pic of you. The one of your dad and his grandson is adorable. Good job!

  6. omg I just noticed who's eyes those are at the top of your page! hahaha cute!

  7. oh! I LOVE your "water" picture. The colors are so beauiful. I love your selfie too. Thanks for linking up!!

  8. I love the self portrait! :) Purple is a GREAT color on you!!!!

  9. OK, the first one is amazing!! I love your processing in the second one!!

  10. I love the waterfall photo!! Thanks so much for playing along.