Friday, April 16, 2010

Great Excitement is Coming My Way!

Do you know who The Pioneer Woman is? Do you read her blog? If not, you should! Ree is a city girl turned country wife that lives in the middle of nowhere on a ranch with her husband and their four children. Her blog,, has 5 different sections: Confessions, Cooking, Photography, Home & Garden, and Homeschooling. Every one of the sections of her blog are great. They are interesting, educational, informative, hilarious and just really fun all around. She hosts giveaways and contests quite frequently too, so you can't beat that! Ree is a very talented blogger/author, which can truly be seen through the section on her site titled "Black Heels and Tractor Wheels". This section is the love story of Ree and her cowboy husband, from how they met to their wedding day. It is a captivating story, and is actually going to be published soon!

Anyways.... The reason I am so excited is because on Monday, I am going to get to meet The Pioneer Woman! Ree wrote a cookbook over the past few years, and it was just published last year. She went on a book tour last fall, and now she is continuing on a shorter second leg of that tour. She will be in Portland on Monday, and my Mom and I have decided to drive up to get our cookbooks signed by Ree. I'm pretty jazzed about going... I can't wait!

Even better, I am hopefully going to get to visit with an old friend or two while I am up there. I have a few friends in the Portland area, and it would certainly be nice to spend a little time catching up. Of course, driving up and back with my Mom will be great too, since I have the best Mom in the world. :-) We always have a blast together!

On another note, my Etsy shop is not only up and running, I actually made my first sale today! A friend of mine from Sacramento ordered a pair of earrings today, and I was beyond stoked when I saw that "1 sale" on the side of my profile! Heehee... I'm easily excited I suppose!

Well, I need to head to bed... Next week, I am planning on posting some pictures from my ceramics class. I have been meaning to do that for weeks, but I keep forgetting my camera when I leave for class! UGH! This will be the week... I promise!

Goodnight all...


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  1. and you are the best daughter ever Amber. I'm looking forward to our little trip to Portland. I love your blog. Keep it up!